Founded in Las Vegas, NV back in 2006 by Jacqueline A. Flores, Sweet Dreams Mattress Gallery was established with the vision to provide consumers with a place that focuses on helping customers find the right mattress to maximize their sleep.

While most places focus on selling you the most expensive mattress, Sweet Dreams focuses on your needs and your budget to help you get the best mattress that meets your requirements.

Jacqueline and the Sweet Dreams staff personally visit competitors to determine how Sweet Dreams measures against them. Most of the time she will find that Sweet Dreams continues to be far more competitive in pricing, quality and most importantly in customer service.

Sweet Dreams offers consumers a personalized experience. Instead of treating its customers as simply another account, it is the Company’s belief that satisfied customers are themselves the most important form of advertisement out there that has and will continue to help Sweet Dreams grow through word-of-mouth. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on providing personalized service as not all individuals are alike.

While many believe that rules are made to be broken, Jacqueline understands the importance of functioning within a set of rules to run an effective business but also understands that in some occasions, it may be necessary to bend the rules a bit to accommodate customer circumstances.  As a result, Sweet Dreams always strives to go above and beyond customer expectations.

As a single store back in 2006, Jacqueline depended a lot on customer references. Still to this day, many customers, who turned to Sweet Dreams for their first mattress back when Sweet Dreams was just opened, refer their family and friends or return to buy their second or even their third mattress.

Just as any new business, getting Sweet Dreams off the ground was and still has been a bit of a challenge. In an industry that is run by mostly men, Jacqueline is one of the few female company owners who is quickly establishing herself as major player. During the first year of business, many of her competitors did everything in their power to prevent Sweet Dreams from establishing itself in the market by using their influence to prevent vendors from supplying her. Some of these vendors however were able to see Jacqueline’s vision for Sweet Dreams Mattress and decided to become part of that vision.

Today, Jacqueline has grown the business to three store locations and with more stores planned in the near future. Her goal is to continue expanding “Sweet Dreams” to all Las Vegans while providing a fun environment for employees to work and grow.

With the help of her new partner Ryan Shatto, Jacqueline has been able to continue the vision of providing quality products at competitive prices. Ryan’s vast knowledge of mattress lines in the market and deep understanding of customer needs allows him to choose product lines for the stores that will meet the various customer demands.

We invite you to stop by any of our store locations where our friendly staff will be ready and happy to assist you in finding the right mattress so you too can begin having…Sweet Dreams!

Welcome to our blog.  It is our hope that we will provide you with as much information as possible to help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

Thank you.

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