Think Blue

December 14th, 2009

There is so much focus on Living Green nowadays in our way of living.  Mattresses is no exception as there are more and more eco-friendly mattresses as well as organic mattresses available for those consumers seeking to enhance their life while helping the environment.

I recently ran accross a new initiative taking place in the world and it has to do specifically with preserving our ocean and all living things within it.  Coming from Southern California, moves like “save the ocean,” “adopt a beach,” “save the whales”, etc are not new.  What caught my attention about this particular initiative was the fact that there is this multi-billion dollar company that has taken this as a personal project.  What a change!  Critics will say there must be some type of financial gain for this company in doing this and perhaps they are right but if a company is willing to put money into such situation why not also allow them to bank on it.  We have plenty of companies who only take money but never put it back to their communities.

So as always, I try to share with you articles that may be of interest.  This new initiative is being spearheaded by a company called Nakheel and I thought you should might find it interesting.

Nakheel is a property development company in the Arabian Gulf and the only one with dedicated experts working full time in the area of environmental research and development.

They are making a call to action for the world with their “Think Blue” message.  This initiative is working to create a global set of standards for coastal development, under the direction of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum.

For more information on “Think Blue” visit their website at

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