We’ll Put You In Our TV Commercial!

December 9th, 2009

We’re looking for individuals who would be interested in being part of our television commercials.

Please message us on here for additional information. All ages and types welcome!

We’re looking for the following types:

1. Heavy set male
2. Elderly woman/couple
3. Drag queen character
4. Gay male character
5. Construction worker
6. Cop/fireman character
7. Stay at home mom
8. Female executive/professional
9. Waiter/waitress

There is no compensation but you will be allowed to use this as part of your portfolio.

Setting is different types of people singing a song because they have just had a good night’s sleep in their brand new mattress.

You will need to submit current head shots as well as full body pictures.  Include a bit of background information about you as well as contact information.

Thank you,

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