Holiday Mattress Sales…Are They A Bargain or Not?

November 14th, 2013

The mattress industry is always running a “Sale” every day of the year.  So, what about during major holidays?

Most mattress stores will have the same mattress prices that they have every day during major holidays, but will pick a few “hook” models to reel consumers in during major holiday sales.

The Loser

The Loser is the mattress that is the cheapest mattress a store will carry and promote in their print ads or TV commercials.  The store will actually lose money if they sell this model.  To prevent customers from buying this model, this mattress will also be an inferior model.  About 5-6″ thick, the cheapest coils, horrible support so the moment you even look at the mattress you are simply turn off by it.  However, it served its purpose.  It brought you into the store.  Now it is the Salesperson’s job to begin his job to wow you with the better, and more expensive, models.

The Pillowtop

There will always be a pillowtop model at a cheap price on their ads or commercials.  People like pillowtop mattresses because they are more comfortable.  The problem with this “hook” model is that it is also made using inferior materials.  It looks great on the ad or on television, but once you see and try it at the store, you realize that it is not what you expected.  Once again, it is the salesperson’s job (which is now made easier given the fact that you just experience the worst model in the store) to show you the better and more expensive models.

The Popular

The Popular model is usually the type of mattress that is “in” at the moment.  Last year, it was “Tempurpedic” or memory foam mattresses.  Today, it is “Gel” or “Cool Gel” mattresses.  The spin on these mattresses is that, unlike memory foam mattresses which tend to sleep warm, these Gel mattresses sleep cool.  While these mattresses do in fact feel cool to the touch, many customers have actually found that they will absorb your body heat and retain it or slowly dissipate the heat; thus maybe even causing the mattress to feel warmer than normal. We have found that every customer is different.  Some customers do great with memory foam mattresses, others do not.  Same goes for gel mattresses.  We find that quality, comfortable, and supportive mattresses usually start at $599 to $999 by what we call the Value Mattress Brands such as Corsicana, Sherwood, Englander, Southerland, and Ashley Sleep.  There’s really no reason why you should spend more than $999 for a mattress, unless of course you are a brand person and want the extra luxury materials such as better looking fabric, thicker and heavier mattress profiles, more coils (which are great for plus size consumers), and extra materials such as memory foam, gel, or latex layers.

The Luxury

These luxury mattress models are advertised to not only appeal to the more affluent consumer, but also to let you know that the store has a range of options.  Again, in all honesty, you don’t necessarily need to spend over $999 unless you are looking to pay for brand name and want the extras.  If you are a plus size person, then you should definitely look at these mattresses as some of them have the extra coil support that your body will need.

What should you be looking for? Again, we recommend the price range $599-$999 in the brands mentioned above.  These brands use high quality materials in this price range.  Their mattresses offer great value for your money.  Major Brands such as Sealy, Simmons, and Serta do not offer much value in this price range.  The mattress look great but when it comes to what’s inside the mattress, the Value Mattress Brands give you a lot more bang for your money.  If you are a plus size consumer or want luxury, then we suggest looking at the Major Mattress Brands (Sealy, Simmons, and Serta) and even the Specialty Mattress Brands such as Tempur-pedic and the Cool Gel mattresses.  These mattresses are more expensive, offer extra luxury options, and more springs than what an average person needs.

So back to Holiday Mattress Sales, are they really a bargain or is it just hot air? As stated above, many mattress stores will pick a handful of mattress models that will have a special discount.  However, the majority of the mattresses will retain the price that they normally have every day (except the price will now be displayed on a matching holiday sale price tag).  Some of the real advantages during these sales are:

  • Better financing terms (such as 0% interest). However, keep in mind that retailer will also use this to real you in. They will advertise the maximum financing term in their ads or commercials (0% for 5 years!) but if you look at the small print, you will find that you may need to spend over $2,000 or more to get the maximum financing term.
  • Free accessories such as mattress protectors, pillow protectors, pillows, and bedframes.  The cost of these items are very minimal to the retail store, yet are sold to you, the consumer, for sometimes 3 to 4 times the cost.  Thus, many retailers will give some of these items free.  During these holiday sales, you should definitely demand that these items are given to you free!

Now, there has been a lot of talk about mattress prices being over-priced on the retail floor.  We have found that many retail mattress stores do in fact display an overly inflated “retail” price, then show a “NOW” or “SALE” price but in reality this “now” or “sale” price is really double the factory cost.  Thus, many consumers and even some people in the industry have blasted some retailers as deceiving consumers by claiming a random overly inflated “Retail” price just to make it seem that the mattress has been discounted when in fact the retailer is still charging you double the factory cost (which in most industries that’s considered retail price).  There’s nothing illegal about this since retail price can be any price that is higher than factory price.  Therefore, retailers have the freedom to claim their own retail and sale price.  This is why, it is urged that you as a consumer negotiate a discount on top of the store’s “Sales” price.  How much?  Well, it depends on the mattress model and brand.  To be safe, you should try to get a discount between $200 to $300 off the Sale Price.

  • DO NOT get stuck on name brand mattresses.  The Value Mattress Brands mentioned above are a great value for your money.
  • DO VISIT Mom and Pop mattress stores as they tend to have more credible discounts since their overhead is much lower.
  • COMPARE, COMPARE, COMPARE! Check out a department store, a chain store, and a mom & pop store.
  • WATCH for salespeople who will tune you out or ignore you after you say “I’m not buying yet until after I visit two other stores.”
  • WATCH out for salespeople who are not genuine.  They will pretend to like you and bend backwards for you, but the moment you have an issue they turn into your worst enemy.  They already made their commission off you and the last thing they want is for you to return or exchange your product because that means, they will have to give back some of the commission earned.
  • MAKE SURE everything promised is clearly written on your sales ticket, even if the salesperson has to hand write it.  Some salespeople will sometimes make promises they know they can not keep, but will still make such promises just so you can buy a mattress.  The disappointment happens during delivery.
  • DO NOT worry if you miss a holiday mattress sale.  Most mattress retailers extend their sale for an additional week.  Many even start their sales a week earlier as well.  Even if you miss these dates, don’t worry.  Most likely the stores will have the majority of their mattresses discounted throughout the year.

Happy mattress shopping!

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