Happy Earth Day!!!

April 22nd, 2010

It should be no rocket science for us to realize that our planet has been abused by our technological changes. It is true that natural changes also occur that result in damage to our planet, but this should not be an excuse for our actions.

We have seen many groups who have taken steps to ensure a “greener” environment and ways to live without disrupting our planet. The mattress industry is no exception. Let it be known that those who first started this movement of green products in the mattress industry were not the big corporate players. It was started by individuals who genuinely care about our planet and who had already made lifestyle changes in their home to live a more “greener” life.

It wasn’t until after these “little” guys started to have success in this field that the big corporate guys decided to jump on the band wagon. Was it that they all of a sudden had a change of heart? Was it that they discovered a new consumer market that could be profitable to their organization? Very few corporations are lead through feelings/conscious and instead are managed simply by the bottom line, profitability!

However, it’s unfair to expect a company large or small to simply ignore their bottom line. Unfortunately, when it comes to commerce it is all about profitability first and foremost. After all, if you are not profitable you can not remain in business. You can’t go to your landlord and say “John, we had a tough month. Our numbers are down. We began a new product that helps our environment but it’s a bit expensive and we don’t have many interested customers yet. Is there any way we can get an extension to pay rent?” Even if your landlord is understanding, what about his mortgage to the bank, or other bills he has to pay?

Profitability is important to businesses large or small. That is why products and services are offered at a certain price. When you find a product you like, the best thing you can do is to support that company by buying it from a legitimate source.

When it comes to buying “green” products as a consumer you have to make sure you are buying products that truly help the environment and are in fact better for you. I’ve seen manufacturers who have jumped on the band wagon to simply profit from this new consumer base. They cut corners, give you very little for what you are paying, do a great job however of making you think you are buying a true “green” product when in fact you are getting very little for your money.

Do your research and ask lots of questions.

You may not be looking to buy complete organic products, but you can start with “green” items to help ease your transition into this lifestyle. Believe me, it will be a change for the better for you and your loved ones and of course our planet.

Visit our stores or call us on the phone. We’ll be happy to give you the run down on green and organic products such as mattresses, pillows, sheets, etc.

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Remember, you can always just post your questions on here. I’ll be happy to answer them personally.


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