March 25th, 2010

Be one of the lucky 10 that will be selected on April 20th, 2010 to receive a FREE $99.99 Memory Foam Pillow.  Just leave a comment here, follow us on or join us on our facebook page to enter our drawing.  The more places you sign up on, the more chances to win!

And don’t worry, we don’t spam or sell your email to third parties.  All of our postings go on our  blog, facebook and twitter page.  Good luck!

The design of these Memory Foam Pillows comfortably support your head, but more importantly provides the right amount of support necessary to maintain the natural curve of your neck and upper back. This properly aligns your spine, relaxing muscles and giving you a perfect night’s sleep! Adequate pillow thickness is important to accommodate wider shoulder dimension, good breathing and less snoring. A pillow that raises your head too high or allows it to fall too far back not only places stress on your neck, but also could inhibit breathing. Our memory foam neck contour pillow is 4 1/2 inches thick and perfect to accommodate a wide variety of users in all sleeping postures.

Be among the Lucky 10 this April 20th, 2010 when we select ten lucky winners who will receive one of these great pillows.  Simply join our twitter page at, our facebook page, or just leave us a comment here.

Hurry and tell your family and friends to join!

One Response to “LUCKY 10!”

  1. J Lee says:

    had one back in hawaii, need one for here in henderson

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