Are You Sure Your Mattress is New?

February 1st, 2010

Buying a mattress can be quite an experience. So many things to consider – soft or firm, queen or king, plain or pillow top, new or used? Used???

Most people assume that when they purchase a mattress it’s always new.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, in most parts of the country, used mattresses can be resold as long as they meet certain labeling and processing requirements.

So how do you know what you are getting?  Simple, look at the label attached to the mattress.

New mattresses have a white label that indicates that the mattress contains all “new materials.”  Depending on what state you are in, used mattresses may contain a tag that is red or yellow in color that warns that the mattress contains used materials.  Federal law requires that any mattress that contains used stuffing bear a tag or label with that information.  If you do not see any tag, consider doing business with another retailer.

It is store policy for us to only sell new mattresses. After all, who wants to sleep on someone else’s old mattress?

One Response to “Are You Sure Your Mattress is New?”

  1. Sandra says:

    Omg! I don’t even want to look at mine… I might not sleep tonight, lol.

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