Mattress Shopping – Dealing with Sales Associates

December 29th, 2009

Time and time again, consumers feel threatend by a salesman.  Wether it is at a car dealership or at a mattress store.  I repeatedly see so many consumers walking into mattress stores avoiding the sales associate at any cost when all the sales associate wants to do is offer assitance.

This consumer practice of avoiding to speak to a sales associate will actually do more harm than good to the consumer as there is so much information a consumer needs to gather regarding mattresses and the store itself.

Some of the reasons why you should engage in conversation with a sales associate are to inquire the following:

– What types of mattresses are available?

– What are the various pricing of various mattresses?

– What ypes of mattresses are specially made to address specific consumer demands such as lower back pain relief, back sleepers as opposed to stomach sleepers, etc.?

– What are your options should the mattress you buy doesn’t work out after it has been delivered?

– Is there a refund, exchange policy, and are there any fees associated with these?

– What type of warranty comes with your mattress?

– What options are available within your budget? etc.

Buyign a mattress is one of the most important decisions that can directly affect your lifestyle and even change your life for the better or worst depending on what you select. 

Most consumers don’t take their time to do their research on mattresses and these same consumers think that they can simply walk into a store, browse mattresses by simply touching them, look at prices and that this will somehow help them choose the “right” mattress.  This will lead to an unhappy customer.

If you are in a mattress store, your goal should be to find a mattress that will provide you with the best support and feel while at the same time choosing one that is of good quality thus lasting you for years to come.  It totally defeats the purpose if you spend $200 today only to pay up another $400 later (you will end up spending more after your first bad experience because by then you will realize that quality comes first rather than just pricing) within a year.  In addition, this bad mattress may also result in new or increased back problems or other sleep issues.  So choose wisely.

Get engaged with the sales associate.  Make him or her provide you with the facts regarding mattress, sleep, and company policies.  Make them earn your business.  We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping others spend even less, so choose one that will offer you the best restful sleep.

If you are one  of those consumers who likes to comparison shop, then this is especially important for you to do.  How can you properly do your comparison shopping without having all the pertinent facts of each store and the products offered?

When you go into a mattress store, plan to spend at least 30min to an hour.  This should be enough time for you to gather all the information need.

Are there sleezy salespeople in the mattress industry, of course!  But you will find sleezy people in just about any industry nowadays.  There are however many legitimate, hard working, honest salespeople in the mattress industry who truly want to help individuals find the right mattress and get a good night’s sleep.  They want to be able to share with you their knowledge and answer all your questions honestly so that you can rewared them with your business.  So get out there and let yourself and your loved one be wow with the possibilities.

Should a salesperson turn out to be rude or dishonest, you can simply turn around and walk away.  I will suggest you go even further and make a phone call to the store’s manager or owners to express your disatisfaction. 

As a business owner, I would like to know this type of information because it affects what I and the rest of those hard-working and honest sales associates strive to do everyday, to earn your business and give you a good night’s sleep!

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Happy Shopping!


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