Survey Reveals We Hibernate – Sleep More in Winter

December 28th, 2009

We may not be bears but we certainly tend to behave like them during the winter time snuggling under a blanket while laying on the couch or spening more time in bed while watching tv, or simply just sleeping a bit more.

With so many studies and surveys that are done on practically anything now a days, I wondered if this had in fact been looked at and in fact I did find out that back in 1998 a survey conducted by the Better Sleep Council (BSC) confirmed that “most people retreat to the bedroom for our own kind of hibernation during the winter months.”

Below you will find the entire article for your reading pleasure.  With all this sleeping going on, wouldn’t it make sense to pay a bit more of attention on your mattress quality.  Is it too old, sagging, or has stains?  Perhaps this is a good time to think about exchanging it for a new one.  Some mattresses may still be under warranty so look into that and see if you can file a warranty claim to get a replacement one.  If you have a Sealy, Sring Air, Englander, and in some cases other mattress brands, we may be able to assist you in filing such warranty claims.  Call us at (702) 737-5337 for more information.

Here’s the rest of that aritcle by the BSC:

According to the nationwide survey of 1,000 adults, more than five times as many adults spend more time in bed during the winter than in the summer.

“The findings confirm what we’ve suspected all along,” says Herman. “After all, who hasn’t snuggled further underneath the covers for a little extra sleep on a cold morning?” In general, people prefer to lounge in bed rather than venture out in wintry climates. More than one-half of adults read more; and almost two-thirds spend more time watching television. With all the sleeping, reading and TV watching to be enjoyed while it’s cold outside, only one person in ten pursues outdoor activities more in the winter than the summer.

As cooler temperatures signal the change of seasons, now is a good time to prepare your home for winter hibernation. “A comfortable environment is conducive to maximum rest and rejuvenation during winter downtime,” advises Herman. “If you’re like most people and spend more time in bed, you’ll want to make sure your mattress still provides the support and comfort you need for a restful night’s sleep.”

HiberNation Wake Up Call: Mattress Checkup

Just as bears ready their dens to hibernate, people need to plan for a good winter’s slumber. And that means taking a close look at the condition of your mattress. Sleeping on a mattress that’s a season or two past its prime can rob you of nighttime rest and daytime energy. To determine if you need to replace your mattress, ask yourself the following questions. An answer of “yes” to one or more signals it could be time:

  • Are you sleeping better or worse than a year ago?
  • Do you wake up feeling stiff or sore?
  • Does your mattress have visible signs of wear and tear?
  • Would your sleep improve if you had a new mattress?

“The benefits of improving your quality of sleep dramatically affect your overall quality of life,” advises Herman. “The key to feeling more alert and active may be as simple as taking the cue from Mother Nature and enjoying a little extra sleep.”

Go to Land of Nod This Winter

While bears instinctively know when it’s time for a long deep sleep, people tend to ignore their cues for extra rest and push full steam ahead. The result can be chronic tiredness from sleep deprivation. During winter, feeling sleepier can be remedied as easily as giving in to nature’s call and going to bed earlier in the evening. To make the most of your sleep and to fulfill your expectations for waking up refreshed, make sure your mattress provides the support and comfort you need.

According to Herman, the secret to a good winter’s sleep can be as close as your mattress. “Pay attention to how you feel when you wake up in the morning. If you don’t feel well-rested then check your mattress. A worn-out mattress is an energy-zapper. Replacing it could help you rest easy all winter long.”

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The Better Sleep Council, a non-profit organization supported by the mattress industry, is devoted to educating the public about the importance of sleep to good health and quality of life, and about the value of the sleep system and sleep environment in pursuit of a good night’s sleep.

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